The genesis of the Eden Espoir Foundation

Created by Mrs. MEBENGA FOUDA PROTAIS, in 2021 following an observation that disadvantaged populations are increasingly suffering from a lack of assistance, both medical and humanitarian, she therefore decided after a trip to Cameroon to create this foundation in order to reduce to its simplest expression the suffering of the populations. To do this, it has therefore surrounded itself with a young, dynamic team ready to invest in this project for the long term.

The project

The EDEN ESPOIR foundation aims to offer assistance to disadvantaged and suffering populations. And more particularly orphans and homeless children.

Its project is to export the spirit of solidarity, compassion and assistance, and wishes to guarantee health care to many on a regular basis. It works in close collaboration and trust with several international partners and humanitarian associations.


A non-profit foundation, the activities of the EDEN ESPOIR foundation are financed by the founder out of own funds. However, to ensure its long-term commitment, it seeks partnerships with various structures that could help it materially or financially.


The success and effectiveness of the project requiring collaboration and teamwork, the EDEN ESPOIR foundation therefore seeks today to establish partnerships, in particular with organizations or individuals working in the field of children in difficulty. . The objective is to assist destitute and underprivileged children and provide medical care through its medical center.

Thanks to the investment of its founder and its partners, the EDEN ESPOIR foundation hopes for the years to come to establish itself in the humanitarian landscape of Cameroon, to multiply the descents on the ground in order to bring comfort to the poor populations and to offer quality health care to the people.