Humanitarian and medical assistance

To underprivileged populations and particularly orphans in Cameroon


EDEN ESPOIR is a non-profit foundation with the main goal of helping disadvantaged populations.

In order to meet these challenges, it invests in two key areas, in particular humanitarian assistance and medical assistance.

| The Genesis of Eden Hope

Following an observation that disadvantaged populations are increasingly suffering from a lack of assistance, both medical and humanitarian

| The project

The EDEN ESPOIR Foundation aims to offer assistance to disadvantaged and suffering populations, particularly orphans and homeless children.

| Perspectives

The EDEN ESPOIR foundation is now seeking to establish partnerships with organizations or individuals working in the field of children in difficulty.

| Funding

A non-profit foundation, the activities of the EDEN ESPOIR foundation are financed by the founder out of own funds. However, to ensure its long-term commitment, it seeks partnerships


The team

Angeline MEBENGA Fouda
Corine Fraikin-Bouffioux
Corine Fraikin-Bouffioux
Production coordinator
Me Serge Ndounda
Me Serge Ndounda Eyafa
Legal Affairs Officer

(Lawyer at the Cameroon Bar)

Jean Aime
Tolo Mendogo Jean Aimé
Public affairs officer
Théophane NGOUNE
IT Manager
Pierrette Ondoa
Coordinating President

Fondation Eden Espoir Cameroun

Dr. Junior VOUNDI
Technical and Medical Advisor
Roviere Mireille NGOUPEYOU
Biomedical Engineer